Virtual Reality

What is the Virtual Reality?

Today, virtual reality technology is applied to advanced fields of medicine, engineering, education, design, training and entertainment. VR is a computer interface that tries to imitate the real world beyond the flat monitor to provide immersive visual experiences in 3D (Three Dimensions). It is often difficult to reconstruct the scales and distances between objects in static 2D images. Thus, the third dimension helps to bring depth to objects.


  • Tele-presence: Is a common environment that will be shared by several users in several different places meeting in the same virtual environment.
  • Tele-operation:  Is a remote action, for example, tele-conference or the use of virtual robots for inhuman work.


  • Simulation VR:  It uses, for example, devices that make the user feel in the virtual world, when in fact it is not.
  • Projection VR: The user is outside the virtual world, but can communicate with virtual characters or objects.
  • Augmented VR: Uses a specific helmet that combines images between the real world and the virtual world.
  • Desktop VR: Use of monitors and glasses in conjunction with a projector where the user sees the virtual world.


  • Immersion: The User has the real sensation of being inside the virtual world and is able to manipulate the objects present there as if they were real, since with technological development, these objects started to respond to the interactions carried out by the user.
  • Devices that cause this sensation: Digital helmets and Digital cave. Non-immersive Virtual Reality is performed using a common monitor on which the user manipulates the virtual environment through an input device such as a keyboard, a mouse, among others).
  • Interaction: One of the characteristics of interaction with virtual reality, are through 4 sensory senses, such as vision, using screens contained in RV glasses, helmets and CAVE a room with 6 screens that reproduces a true interaction with the environment of virtual reality, for the sense of hearing, nothing but headphones or speakers with a good sound quality, for a good immersion with the environment, for the sense of touch there are digital gloves, which through infrared or initial location.
  • Involvement: Exploring a virtual environment’s.