PhD Students

José Rodrigues

Affiliation: ISEP, UVigo and UMinho


  • José Augusto Rodrigues has a Master’s degree on Computer Engineering (specialization in Graphic and Multimedia Systems) from ISEP and attendance on the PhD in Information and Communication Technologies of the University of Vigo.
  • On is master thesis he worked on eye tracking applied on Marketing and developed the E2M system.
  • He is part of the CVIG Group as a Development Technician, and he is participating in the “Cognitive CMMS” Project of the UMinho.

Main interestsEye Tracking, Interactive Systems, Multimedia, Educational Technology, Voice and Face Recognition, Computer Vision, Virtual and Augmented Reality, IOT among others.

Rafael Pereira

Affiliation: ISEP, IPCA, UVigo


  • Has experience in programming in C #, Unity 3D and 3D modeling in Blender 3D or 3DS Max.
  • He is currently teaching the disciplines of Virtual Environments and Applied Game Development at the Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave. He also has experience and interest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, having developed projects in Unity 3D for Android and iOS.
  • Currently, he is part of the team of game developers in Unity 3D for the company RedCatPig.

Main interests: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality; Unity 3D and 3D modeling;
Virtual Environments and Applied Game Development

Paulo Sérgio Teixeira de Magalhães

Affiliation: ISEP – P. PORTO – THESIGNOFTIME - Information Technologies, Lda.


  • Paulo Magalhães has a Master’s Degree in Graphic Systems and Multimedia in Computer Science from ISEP.
  • He is a senior IT manager, passionate about innovation and design, with extensive knowledge of the media and digital landscape.
  • He is also a digital strategist responsible for leading project teams and creating intuitive solutions to every facet of IT problems.
  • Creative Director with strong communication skills, experienced in designing and developing projects for a wide range of clients.
  • Critical thinker and researcher.
  • Excellent problem solving and conceptual thinking skills.
  • He is the founder and CEO of THESIGNOFTIME-IT, Lda.
  • Until 2015, he was coordinator of the System Information department at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and professor of Multimedia disciplines.
  • He has done applied research at the GILT Laboratory (Graphic Interaction and Learning Technologies) at ISEP.
  • He was coordinator of several interns and taught more than 8,000 hours on topics such as Multimedia, Audiovisual and Project Management.

Main interests: Interactive Systems, Multimedia, Graphics, Motion, Interaction, IOT, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Horácio Macedo

Affiliation: ISEP – P.PORTO


  • Horácio Macedo graduated in Computer Engineering from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia of Porto in 2002, having developed his professional activity in the field of distance learning.
  • First at Fundação IPP and since 2008 at ISEP where he was responsible for the e-learning and multimedia office for 12 years, having implemented online support for all ISEP subjects.

Main interests: interactive learning, multimedia, programming, learning management systems.

Ana Claúdia Albergaria

Affiliation: ISEP – P. PORTO – THESIGNOFTIME - Information Technologies, Lda.


  • Social research / Construction of Social Indicators / Instruments for the Collection and Analysis of data / publications /articles.
  • School Management – Coordination of educational processes / Pedagogical coordination of formation
  • Trainer / teacher / facilitator of sessions in the area of ​​social education; sociology, psychology, participatory methodologies; methods of social inquiry; development community; Citizenship Education; Relationship between Education and Society; sociology of Education.
  • Quality of Organizations / Strategic planning / qualification in the 3rd sector / quality in education and vocational education / EQAVET.
  • Project design, development, monitoring and evaluation: equality of opportunities, participation and citizenship; ethical minorities; social education; entrepreneurship; organization and development of cultural/social events.
  • Social Area / Social Reinsertion (Fight against poverty / social exclusion / Local, social and personal development / Projects to Fight Poverty and Exclusion Social, Inclusion Strategies)
  • Planning and management of teams/human resources and processes.

Rui Marques

Affiliation: ISEP – P. PORTO


  • Rui Marques is a professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto and also a Chief Information Officer at Flamingo – Jewellery Industry S.A., responsible for technology and information portfolio, recently dedicated to web platform innovation, architecture, privacy and security. With a Master’s degree in Knowledge Technologies and Decision Support, he is currently a Ph.D. student in Universidad de Vigo on the subject of Intelligent Recommender Systems. Other research interests include Automated Assessment technologies and overall improvement in Education technologies.

Hugo Barbosa

Affiliation: FEUP - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto


  • Hugo Barbosa has a degree in Computer Engineering – Computers and Systems (2006);
  • He received his master’s degree in Computer Engineering – Graphics and Multimedia Systems (2009),
    both at the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Porto (ISEP).
  • Today he works at
    education, games and engineering areas with computer-based professional activity
    networks and multimedia.
  • Since 2010 he has also been a professor at Universidade Lusófona do Porto (ULP) in computer courses
    Engineering and more recently in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia and Degree in
    Video game and multimedia applications. He collaborated with Medical Learning
    Investigation of methodologies in the area of ​​interactive applications and Multimedia Systems
    by I & amp; D GILT / ISEP.
  • He is currently a PhD student in Computer Engineering at the Faculty of
    The Engineering of Porto.

Main interests: Serious Games, Virtual Reality,
Simulation, Player Adaptation, Cybersecurity and Computer Networks. Author of several publications in these areas. He supports newspapers and conferences as an editorial member or reviewer, as well as member of the scientific committee of these editions.

Leila Ribeiro

Affiliation: University of Porto


  • PhD student at the University of Porto, Course in Education Science, thesis on Regulation of Distance Education in THE HEIs in Portugal. Study on Regulation, Evaluation and Quality in Europe and Africa.
  • Master’s degree in Education from Universidade Paulista. Researcher at the School of the Future of USP.
  • National Coordinator of the EAD Pedagogy Course at Estácio de Sá University, developing products for the implementation of the course in the modality; Professor in the pedagogy and administration course at Estácio de Sá University. Expertise in Education in a company with emphasis on Development of skills and building professional training environments in a distance mode. She is managing partner of the Educational Network in Portugal and partner of +Educação in Brazil. He works in teacher training projects in EAD in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.