What is the Domotic?

Most home automation systems work with the concept of triggers (shots), that is, events that happen and will have a result, similar to the interaction with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Solutions offer event triggering manually, randomly and programmed.

This variety provides several possibilities for automatic configuration of the home and its use, providing a solution for the interaction of the home itself user with the home, in the case of manual firing; interaction of the house with the environment, case of programmed shots from conditions, such as switching on lamps from the outside area at night and a simulation of activities in the house when the family is on vacation, in the case of random shots.

In addition to this ability to handle shots, solutions often offer remote access to the residence’s functionalities due to the ease of monitoring and control the house through a mobile device. Another feature would be the integration with the security system for recording environments when necessary and house responses to intruders, like turning on all the lights in the house, locking doors, etc.

A growing feature is that of speech recognition. With the current technology it is possible to use voice commands naturally and control the house, such as collecting the blinds when saying: “Open window”.