Augmented Reality

What is the Augmented Reality?

The first point to be clarified when we ask what augmented reality is that it is very different from virtual reality. This concerns an immersion environment created through computational tools in which the user performs certain tasks. A good example of virtual reality is The Sims game. Augmented reality designates the interaction between virtual environments and the physical world. Good examples of augmented reality are QR Code tags on city sights.

Through the reader application of this type of label installed on a tablet or smartphone and with an internet connection, you can access a kind of virtual guide, which indicates the places to which the tourist must go (including tracing the route to get to the and, when you arrive, show the history, curiosities, tour options and everything else that is pertinent. Given this, it is not necessary to go very far to imagine why augmented reality is so high in several fields, including marketing and advertising.

How does it work?

Simple: through software, a marker in the physical world and GPS.

In the example given above, the QR tag corresponds to the one marked in the physical world, the tag reader app corresponds to the gateway to the software that provides information to the user and the GPS functions as the ‘eye’ of this software, as it is the one who indicates the user’s location in the physical world.